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    Worry-Free Relationship
Worry-Free Relationship


Quality compounds. Reliably delivered.

The best suppliers reduce client risk. At AirBoss, we continually refine our performance – from process to price, from sourcing to delivery, from rapid response to R&D – so you have every opportunity to succeed.

These are the ways we take risk out of your relationship with AirBoss:

We build trust.

We want every customer to feel completely confident in their relationship with us. We encourage customers to meet our people and tour our facilities. Your key contacts at AirBoss will always be fully aware of your requirements, and they will have the tools and authority to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Our people protect your interests.

We're organized internally to protect your interests. Each customer works with a dedicated service team. Each of our business segments  — whether it be Mining, Heavy-Duty Conveyors, Tires & Tracks, or Oil & Gas — is led by a client-service manager who is also a chemist (and a quarterback). Your segment manager understands the needs of your industry and your business. He or She ensures you get the best quality compound in the shortest time.

Our doors are open.

We believe in total transparency with our customers (while maintaining utter confidentiality).

We share everything. Recipes. Raw material sources. Market intelligence. You are kept fully up to date on sourcing trends, costs and pricing, manufacturing advances — even the financial condition of our company (strong).

To avoid surprises and build trust, we also report frequently on all parts of workflow progress, from inputs to processing to delivery.

You'll get to market faster.

You get to market faster with AirBoss because we rapidly identify the best recipe for your compound, manufacture it efficiently then deliver on time.

When we receive a request for quotation, it is logged into our ERP system and streamed with a 24-hour or 48-hour clock. All the necessary participants are alerted automatically. Data is rapidly collected and aggregated. A commitment is delivered on time.

Once the ideal compound solution is formulated by our technicians, they follow it through mixing at our plant then trials at your facility, usually within a tight two-week time line, resolving issues and optimizing results.

Our operations are integrated with our ERP system, which coordinates and streamlines problem-free manufacturing, attentive service, and on-time delivery.

We manufacture more efficiently to keep costs down.

In 2006, AirBoss embarked on an aggressive program based on AME/Lean manufacturing principles. We systematically eliminated waste and gave our people the decision-making tools they needed to deliver excellence to our customers. We focused on factory floor cleanliness and orderliness. We strengthened our preventative maintenance program. We used market feedback and well-documented problem-solving techniques to drive continuous improvement.

The results? Extraordinary.

Our processes require tons of carbon black, yet our plants are so clean and orderly you'd think we were printing books.

Automation at AirBoss is significantly more sophisticated than most of our competitors. We run faster and better. Our “first-pass yield” performance is excellent — meaning we handle our compounds only once, so they move rapidly through our process and there is very little room for error or contamination.

Improved efficiency has made us a low-cost producer. In the first year of the AME/Lean program, we shaved significant dollars from our cost of manufacturing and freed-up significant cash flow. Those savings are passed on to our customers.

You can count on clean, consistent compound.

AirBoss is renowned for delivering clean, consistent, high-quality compound batch after batch, truckload after truckload.

We do it by buying quality inputs, handling them cleanly and efficiently, and duplicating the recipe over and over using highly calibrated process controls and state-of-the-art equipment.

You simply cannot obtain higher-quality, more consistent rubber compound anywhere from anyone.

Supply is always assured.

There have been raw material shortfalls in our industry — but never at AirBoss.

We have established a true global supply network, literally spanning every corner of the world.

We visit and qualify every primary supplier.

AirBoss always has secure supplies of raw materials and an edge on pricing.

We are chemists first.

Science is the key to successful compounding. Our staff of chemists operates from a well-equipped on-site lab connected directly to our plant.

Working with AirBoss, you have direct access to our technical talent and our extensive library of compounds. That impressive knowledge base is applied to your business challenges. At larger companies, we augment the technical staff. For smaller customers without technical capabilities, we provide valuable R&D.

Whatever your end use, we are able to adjust the specifications of any compound until it's ideal for your purposes, then run it consistently so you can maximize yields at the right price point.

We hire hybrid people.

Problem solving is often done best by those who are comfortable in more than one world.

At AirBoss, we recruit talent that crosses boundaries. All our client liaison managers are chemists who specialize in the industries they serve. We recently hired a supplier development manager who has no experience in rubber compounding but brings a wealth of knowledge in systems and supply liaison from the automotive industry. Our goal is to go beyond the usual to redefine excellence in our business.

As a customer, you have access to a brain trust of multi-talented experts always ready to think along unconventional lines. The result is often better answers and better compounds.

Our technology is state-of-the-art and well maintained.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, renewed constantly, and scrupulously well maintained.

AirBoss is automated to a degree rare in our industry. Our control systems are second to none. We are able to monitor mixing procedures from batch to batch for precise consistency then pull data for rapid troubleshooting.

We test relentlessly to ensure quality, viscosity, and cure rates, as well as physical properties such as hardness, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, etc. Historical data is readily available from every step in the process.

We are financially sound.

AirBoss is a publically traded company which means its financial position is transparent to customers and shareholders alike. Our financial strength and stability is evident. Being public also provides us access to capital markets to support our ongoing commitment to operating only the finest, most automated and accurate equipment to help ensure repeatable product quality.

AirBoss also has an enviable working capital position and significant unused lines of credit which provide us with the financial flexibility and clout to source raw materials worldwide. This helps to ensure access to the best quality materials at competitive prices, reducing the risk of shortages.

Our customers are highly satisfied.

Once AirBoss earns a customer's business we almost never lose it.

Our customers give us high marks because we pay attention to details and keep them informed. (We are routinely audited by large industrial and automotive companies and pass with flying colors.)

When you need an answer, you get one. When we don't know, we find out. When you want facts and figures, we usually have them at our fingertips. And we always get back to you promptly if we aren't able to answer the phone.

We take pride in the accuracy of our paperwork, so you don't have to spend time hunting down orders or experience unnecessary shipping delays.

We survey our customers regularly and integrate their feedback into our operations.

At AirBoss, we thrive on the challenges of helping our customers solve their compounding problems, improve their manufacturing results, and grow their market share.

Robert Dodd

The best suppliers reduce client risk.

Robert Dodd,
Executive Vice-President
AirBoss of America Corp

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John Bergman

We demand on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

John Bergman,
V.P. Supply Management

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